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Aug 17, 2018

Science popularization helps tribal students spread wings

An academy in Pune district of Maharashtra has boosted the confidence of tribal students, and helped them dream beyond their textbooks and hamlets by giving them practical exposure to science

Aug 15, 2018

Land ownership for women needs more attention

The dismal status of women’s property rights in India continues to be a nagging socio-development challenge despite a slew of progressive laws, which need political commitment and institutionalized support

Aug 13, 2018

Rice bankers of Muzaffarpur hold out hope for women’s empowerment

At a time when sexual abuse of women in a Muzaffarpur shelter for the homeless has roiled the nation’s conscience, women farmers in the district shine a beacon for empowerment by growing and selling rice saplings

Aug 10, 2018

Information helpline improves local governance in Nuh villages

An information center in Nuh district that lags in economic and social development has created awareness about government schemes and entitlements, and has empowered villagers to claim their rights

Aug 08, 2018

Reversing the indefensible culture of open defecation

Ending open defecation in India’s villages cannot be the sole responsibility of the government. The heads of rural households also need to made responsible to ensure that women have access to safe sanitation

Aug 06, 2018

Houseboat tourism floats rural economy in Alappuzha

People living in the water-bound villages of Alappuzha district in Kerala have seen more lucrative livelihood options due to the influx of tourists visiting the now famous backwaters throughout the year

Aug 03, 2018

Let’s align rural aspirations with rest of India

There is an immediate need to design and implement grassroots interventions in a way that ensures next-generation rural youth in India are able to have the same opportunities as the urban privileged