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Jun 14, 2019

Revival of Lambadi embroidery stems migration

Failing monsoons forced Lambadi tribes in Sittilingi valley of Tamil Nadu to migrate, but a revival of traditional embroidery by women has enhanced household incomes and stemmed migration

Jun 10, 2019

Land shaping benefits Sundarban farmers

A combination of reshaping land and harvesting rainwater has helped farmers in the Sundarbans to overcome soil salinity and increase farm incomes. They now need consistent technical support

Jun 07, 2019

How an organic experiment went wrong

The wilting of organic paddy in a coastal farm was misdiagnosed as due to soil salinity, but was actually a pest attack brought on by an overdose of organic insecticide and nitrogen-rich manure

Jun 05, 2019

Is unsafe behavior linked to social order?

Awareness about safety measures appears to be divided along caste lines in rural Rajasthan. Educating children and frequent awareness programs would ensure villagers’ safety in everyday life

Jun 03, 2019

Success eggs on Sindhudurg farmers

Demand for eggs and good market linkage have led to once-struggling farmers take up layer poultry, boosting income and earning Wados village a place in India’s egg production map

May 31, 2019

Kodagu coffee growers struggle after deluge

Coffee planters in Kodagu are still suffering from the effects of incessant rainfall and landslides of August 2018 that resulted in loss of topsoil, crops and yield. Growers are now seeking better reservoir management

May 29, 2019

How to revitalize agriculture in India

The government needs to aggressively promote micro-irrigation and small-scale farm mechanization to improve agricultural productivity. It should also connect farmers with markets using latest technological tools