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Jul 03, 2020

Making sal leaf plates lifts women out of poverty

With increased awareness about ecofriendly products, women in West Bengal make plates and bowls made of sal leaves, earning an increased and sustained income

Jul 01, 2020

MGNREGS curbs distress migration, provides employment during lockdown

With agriculture turning unsustainable, villagers migrated to nearby towns for work. Community planning leading to sanctioned MGNREGS works has ensured local livelihood and has stemmed migration

Jun 29, 2020

Village Organizations pave way for women’s empowerment

Women who came together for better livelihood, have become socially empowered that they use their collective power to resolve community issues and ensure gender justice

Jun 26, 2020

With no increase in tiger count, tribes continue to be relocated

With discontentment among relocated tribes leading to conflict between tiger conservation and tribes’ habitat rights in Similipal, administrators hope to change mindset with education and employment

Jun 24, 2020

Will the post-pandemic government be more responsible and responsive?

COVID-19 crisis showed how government can work with zeal and efficiency. It will be a welcome outcome of the pandemic If the momentum continues in the new normal

Jun 22, 2020

Identifying farmers’ needs helps producer company find footing

When members’ ownership, exchange of ideas and process-driven systems take precedence over turnover and profitability, farmer producer companies will become self-reliant and succeed

Jun 19, 2020

Women bring economic and environmental changes with leaf plates

By making biodegradable tableware from areca leaves that used to be burnt, rural women in Assam help minimize air and plastic pollution, while increasing their household income