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Jun 28, 2019

Uttar Pradesh youth help elderly access benefits

Lack of literacy and complicated documentation were hurdles that hampered financially dependent rural elderly from accessing the government’s welfare schemes. Educated youth are helping them get the benefits

Jun 26, 2019

Pepper helps Rabhas to live with tuskers

The Rabha people in Assam have taken to cultivating pepper in their homesteads to discourage elephants from ravaging paddy fields, and to also earn a neat income in the bargain

Jun 24, 2019

Kuthampully weavers facing decline in Kerala

For centuries, they have created Kerala's classic off-white and gold sarees and veshtis. Now, low incomes, an ageing workforce, shifting demand and power looms are forcing changes in this traditional occupation

Jun 21, 2019

Fodder camps save cattle during Maharashtra drought

Providing fodder and water to cattle, government and private fodder camps in drought-affected Satara district in Maharashtra help farmers prevent distress sale of their livestock

Jun 19, 2019

Local communities restore Ansupa Lake in Odisha

In a remarkable turnaround, local communities have rejuvenated the weed-infested Ansupa Lake in Odisha in the span of just six months, boosting fishing and income opportunities from tourism

Jun 17, 2019

Girls in rural Rajasthan show zeal for science

A rural student’s aspiration has broken gender stereotypes, inspiring girls to choose to study science subjects, with Atal Tinkering Labs, science fairs and other such initiatives increasing science literacy

Jun 14, 2019

Revival of Lambadi embroidery stems migration

Failing monsoons forced Lambadi tribes in Sittilingi valley of Tamil Nadu to migrate, but a revival of traditional embroidery by women has enhanced household incomes and stemmed migration