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Jan 10, 2020

Artisans sustain art of Dashavatar cards in new avatar

Although modern entertainment has pushed the Dashavatar card game to the margins, the Fouzdar family in Bishnupur has adapted to ensure sustenance of the art practiced since Emperor Akbar’s time

Jan 08, 2020

Of cow urine and human waste: faith, folklore and science

While there is a surfeit of folklore on cow urine as a miracle material, the waste of other cattle and humans, which are also dependable resources, should be checked for efficacy

Jan 06, 2020

Water stress evaporates once a river flows

Residents of drought-wracked Mahud village have revived a rivulet by themselves with some help from district officials. The community initiative has raised the water table and made irrigation possible

Jan 03, 2020

Kitchen gardens improve nutritional diversity of Kondhs

Overcoming taboos and becoming more knowledgeable about abundant local foods, malnourished Kondh people in Odisha are bringing diversity to their food baskets through backyard kitchen gardens

Jan 01, 2020

Coastal farmers harvest riches with hardy vetiver

Farmers in India’s east coast, which is vulnerable to cyclones and floods, have found commercial success by growing vetiver, a perennial grass also known as khus that has a variety of uses

Dec 25, 2019

Flowers bring women sweet scent of success

Struggling to make a living from subsistence farming, women farmers in southern Rajasthan have succeeded in breaking the cycle of poverty and doubling household incomes by cultivating marigold and roses

Dec 27, 2019

Healthcare of elderly suffers with youth migration

With little livelihood opportunities in villages, the youth in rural Maharashtra migrate to cities, leading to delayed healthcare of elderly dependents and increased medical expenses