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May 08, 2019

When will rural men own up responsibility?

Rather than holding the state solely accountable for bettering lives of the rural poor, we need to also focus on making men, and not just women, take responsible action for the sake of their families

May 06, 2019

Sheepherders conserve quality Kashmir Merino stock

Good management practices have helped sheep farmers to ensure a quality lineage of Kashmir Merino, a hybrid of the government’s crossbreeding program. It has boosted local production of wool and meat

May 03, 2019

Bengal’s brass workers labor to sustain tradition

The brass smiths of Birbhum are eking out a living making pots, but are competing against cheaper alternatives. They persist, hoping that state support and product diversification will sustain them

May 01, 2019

Traditional handloom weaves a comeback in Kachchh

The remarkable revival of traditional Kachchhi handloom by the vankar community could serve as a shining example of how India could tackle its severe livelihood, ecological and cultural crises

Apr 29, 2019

Chia seeds earn bumper incomes for Mysuru farmers

Switching from traditional crops, farmers of Mysuru district in Karnataka have boosted agricultural income by cultivating chia seeds, which are becoming popular in India because of their nutritional value

Apr 26, 2019

Bengal women find viable livelihood in turkey

Overcoming hurdles and non-starter self-employment projects, members of women self-help groups persisted tenaciously and took to rearing turkeys, setting a successful livelihood trend

Apr 24, 2019

Dairy farming in tribal regions holds enormous promise

With a little help from the government and specialized agencies, the promotion of dairy farming among the tribal people of central and eastern India has potential to lift millions out of poverty