February 7, 2020

Nand Gawalis struggle to sustain pastoralist lifestyle

Traditional pastoral communities find upkeep of indigenous cattle and migratory lifestyle unsustainable because of shrinking common grazing lands, restricted access to forests and water shortage

February 5, 2020

How some FPC balloons can become durable high flyers – III

Understanding local markets, evolving strategies to develop longstanding engagement with customers, and adopting norms to maintain rapport with members would help FPCs create a sustainable business model

February 3, 2020

ग्रामीण महिलाओं ने सुजिनी कशीदाकारी को विश्व के मानचित्र पर स्थापित किया

बिहार की महिला शिल्पकारों ने कभी स्थानीय उपयोग के लिए तैयार की जाने वाली पारंपरिक कशीदाकारी सुजिनी को, आधुनिक आवश्यकताओं के अनुरूप ढाल कर एक अंतरराष्ट्रीय आकर्षण प्रदान किया है।

January 31, 2020

Community kitchens help tribal children overcome malnutrition

Rough terrains hampering access to anganwadi centers and hence nutritious food, men bring anganwadi ration to the village; women cook in a common facility and feed the children, to fight malnutrition