August 2, 2021

Kashmir’s plum no longer a plum crop for farmers

With increasing production costs and constant selling price over the years, farmers find growing plums economically unviable. They hope to explore new markets for better returns

July 30, 2021

Women sustain traditional wisdom of conserving indigenous seeds

Understanding the close link between crop diversity and resilience, women farmers in Mandla ensure that the conservation practice of climate-resilient traditional seeds continues

July 28, 2021

Extreme weather events destroy Himachal’s apple orchards

Unseasonal rains, snow fall and hailstorms have damaged lakhs of apple trees, ruining Shimla’s famed fruits. This has dented the orchardists’ income and government’s revenue

July 21, 2021

Ostriches or supplicants? Missing home insurance in rural India

Disasters destroy houses. Despite living in disaster-prone areas, people do not opt for home insurance. They prefer to take the disaster relief offered by the government

July 16, 2021

Conservation of bio-resources improves farmer’s livelihood

Revival of non-forest timber produce species that are rare and have market value, and the species’ mass multiplication ensures conservation while enhancing farm income

July 9, 2021

Tribal women seize opportunities, turn micro entrepreneurs

With the right support, women in Khunti have overcome challenges and emerged as entrepreneurs. Each woman’s micro business has been her family’s financial mainstay during the pandemic

July 2, 2021

Kashmir’s cherry farmers face the impact of pandemic

Tangmarg’s cherry farmers, who find selling directly to tourists more lucrative, are in a fix as the popular tourist spots have been closed because of the pandemic

June 4, 2021

Forest-dependent tribes lose income to forest fires

Unable to collect mahua flowers and other forest produce because of fires in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, tribal communities already impacted by the pandemic have lost their livelihood

June 2, 2021

Community seed banks help conserve climate-resilient crops

Combining community knowledge and scientific ways, farmers conserve stress-tolerant landraces in their fields, and distribute the seeds to other farmers through community seed banks

May 31, 2021

Empowered women dairy farmers create ripple effect

With the development of dairy cooperatives, some exclusively for women, dairy farming which supplemented agricultural income has led to full-fledged businesses and successful women micro-entrepreneurs