December 3, 2018
Fishermen getting ready to fish hilsa using their country boats, even as the declining fish population affects their livelihood (Photo by Dhruba Das Gupta)

Hilsa fishers driven to the edge by overfishing

The hilsa fishermen of Howrah district in West Bengal are struggling against declining catch, stiff competition from mechanized trawlers and non-traditional fishermen entering the lucrative occupation

November 30, 2018
Organically grown traditional paddy and embankment crop turmeric help Muthukrishnan and Prem Anand sustain agriculture in saline land (Photo by Kevin Samuel)

Coastal farmers tackle salinity with innovative measures

Farmers in coastal Tamil Nadu are countering salinity caused by droughts and groundwater depletion through rainwater harvesting and by reviving traditional organic farming practices

November 28, 2018
Groundwater recharge has improved availability of potable water in villages in the Marathwada region (Photo by Shashank Deora)

Marathwada farmers harvest water in streams, reap rich yields

Farmers in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra that is prone to droughts have made agriculture remunerative by harvesting rainwater in pond-like pockets in streams, leading to groundwater recharge

November 26, 2018
Many young people are moving away from their traditional occupation of weaving cotton sarees on handlooms (Photo by Sharada Balasubramanian)

Weavers of Negamam face social, economic challenges

The traditional handloom weavers of the famous Negamam cotton sarees in Tamil Nadu are dwindling in number as they battle changing social norms and economic challenges from cheaper products

November 19, 2018
Lambani women such as Somi Bai, who prefer to wear their traditional phetiya-kanchali dress are happy to keep their embroidery tradition alive. (Photo by Amoolya Rajappa)

Lambani embroidery makes a fashion statement

Modern clothing embellished with kasuthi kelsa (embroidery work) that is unique to the Lambani tribal community in Karnataka has helped local women keep the traditional craft alive and kicking

November 16, 2018
Khonoma village in Kohima district of Nagaland earned the Green Village title from the government for its community-based conservation (Photo by Ninglun Hanghal)

Naga clans script success in conserving biodiversity

Community-managed conservation practiced for over two decades by the Angami Naga tribe of Khonoma village near the state capital of Kohima has improved biodiversity and forest resources

November 14, 2018
Training local women to become agripreneurs pay rich dividends to smallholder farmers (Photo by C. Zanzanaini)

Agripreneurs can revive smallholder agriculture

Encouraging community service providers to function as agripreneurs is an effective and proven way to improve the lives of smallholder farmers by increasing agricultural productivity

November 7, 2018
Faced with insufficient farm income and mounting debts, Nahar Singh, a marginal farmer of Kharodi in Haryana, works often as a daily wage worker (Photo by Prasanna Mohanty)

Debts drive breadbasket farmers to daily wage labor

With farm income failing to keep pace with their debts, a large number of small and marginal farmers in Punjab and Haryana have started supplementing household earnings through daily wage labor

November 5, 2018
Traditional shoemakers continue to make Chamarkhani juta to cater to the small clientele (Photo Mohd Imran Khan)

Chamarkhani shoemakers persist through declining demand

Despite stiff competition, a group of traditional shoemakers living in a village near Patna have held on to their craft, creating Chamarkhani jutas, the once well-known handmade leather shoes

November 2, 2018
Devanga Saikia in center, guiding Utpola Bora and her husband Binanda Saikia in making pickles in their residence in Nagaon (Photo by Abdul Gani)

Assamese women thrive on value-added garden produce

By supplying value-added products made from fresh fruits and vegetables grown in their backyards, women in villages of Assam’s Nagaon district have become financially independent