November 12, 2018
Life is suddenly thrown out of gear for women, more so for those with children, divorced through triple talaq declaration (Photo by Chithra Ajith)

Malabar women raise their voice against triple talaq

Women at the receiving end of triple talaq divorce pronouncements in the Malabar region of Kerala have stood up to their rights but have faced dire consequences. Their hopes are now pinned on the new law

November 9, 2018
Resuming studies has given hope to 13-year-old Paromita Mondal that she can ensure a better future for her family (Photo by Prahlad Naskar)

Education gives Paromita hope for a better future

The story of Paromita Mondal, a teenage girl living in rural Bengal, is testimony to the fact that the efforts of government and development organizations to retain girls in school have slowly started bearing results

November 7, 2018
Faced with insufficient farm income and mounting debts, Nahar Singh, a marginal farmer of Kharodi in Haryana, works often as a daily wage worker (Photo by Prasanna Mohanty)

Debts drive breadbasket farmers to daily wage labor

With farm income failing to keep pace with their debts, a large number of small and marginal farmers in Punjab and Haryana have started supplementing household earnings through daily wage labor

November 5, 2018
Traditional shoemakers continue to make Chamarkhani juta to cater to the small clientele (Photo Mohd Imran Khan)

Chamarkhani shoemakers persist through declining demand

Despite stiff competition, a group of traditional shoemakers living in a village near Patna have held on to their craft, creating Chamarkhani jutas, the once well-known handmade leather shoes

November 2, 2018
Devanga Saikia in center, guiding Utpola Bora and her husband Binanda Saikia in making pickles in their residence in Nagaon (Photo by Abdul Gani)

Assamese women thrive on value-added garden produce

By supplying value-added products made from fresh fruits and vegetables grown in their backyards, women in villages of Assam’s Nagaon district have become financially independent

October 29, 2018
Villager elders inspecting a diversion-based irrigation system in Sinnar (Photo by Yuva Mitra)

Sinnar farmers breathe life back into irrigated farming

By collectively reviving a colonial-era irrigation system, farmers in 19 villages of Sinnar in Maharashtra have transformed a water-starved area into productive and prosperous farmlands

October 22, 2018
The Grandeur School in the mining hills of Surguja, built through community support, enables the education of Adivasi and Dalit children. (Photo by Goldy M George)

Community school shines beacon of hope in Surguja hills

Thwarted livelihood opportunities after giving up their land to mining companies hasn’t stopped a disadvantaged community in the remote Surguja hiils of Chhattisgarh to run a school for tribal and Dalit children

October 19, 2018
A young Kashmiri farmer working in his field (Photo by Athar Parvaiz)

Next-gen Kashmir farmers turn to water wisdom

A new generation of Kashmiri farmers are adapting to extreme weather events such as more frequent droughts by creating water harvesting infrastructure to irrigate their land

October 15, 2018

Skill training empowers girls, raises hope for gender parity

Skill development trainings are not only helping rural communities fight poverty in Assam but are also empowering girls to aspire big, overcoming challenges posed by social stigma and deep-rooted gender disparity

October 12, 2018

Solar pumps brighten lives of Kutch’s salt farmers

Agariyas, the traditional saltpan workers in the Little Rann of Kutch, have switched from diesel to ecofriendly solar-powered pumps to lift brine that have boosted their earnings from saved costs