December 30, 2020

Dairy cooperative leads to empowerment of women

Women who were confined to their homes became dairy farmers as SHG members, subsequently forming a self-reliant cooperative. It has resulted in empowering them socially and financially

December 28, 2020

Odisha fares poorly in women’s safety, despite government efforts

Statistics reveal rampant gender-based violence and inequality in Odisha. A concerted multi-stakeholder effort is needed to bring about change, as government initiatives are slow in bearing results

December 23, 2020

Women-run platform ensures gender justice to rural women

A socio-legal forum led by rural women resolves gender-based conflicts and injustice within families and communities, and helps women in villages lead a dignified life

December 2, 2020

Women farmers leverage collective power to form producer company

Despite carrying out many farming activities, women lacked recognition. Coming together as a self-help group, they have found confidence to progress and use collective bargaining power to their advantage

November 4, 2020
woman carrying bundle of sticks

Patriarchy, sustainability and shame

In the present rural development model, a gender lens is lacking in the development designs, leaving women continue their demarcated role, with no progress or empowerment in sight

October 26, 2020

Transgenders fight blind beliefs about motherhood and childcare

Creating awareness through street plays and one-to-one counseling, trained transgender women leverage cultural practices to educate tribal women with poor health indicators, the importance of seeking health care

October 23, 2020

Women herders lose authority as pastoralism declines

Changes in farming practices and climate crisis affecting nomadic pastoralism, traditional herders opt for settled living. As they migrate for other jobs, women bear the burden of added responsibilities

October 16, 2020

Women grassroots health workers take to cycling for better reach

Accredited social health activists, who were dependent on the men in their family to commute or walked many miles every day, have become punctual and efficient after learning to cycle

October 9, 2020

Online classes spell end of education for rural girls

With boys getting preference to use the single multimedia phone at home, girls from poor rural households have discontinued studies, resigning themselves to an early marriage

October 5, 2020

Treatment and awareness help women overcome anemia

Extensive testing, treating the affected, and awareness about food habits to change malnutrition status have brought down the prevalence of anemia and improved the health of women