Health & Nutrition

September 13, 2019
Participatory learning and action meetings have helped participants like Saraswati Bodra take care of the nutrition needs of her twin sons and that of herself before and after delivery (Photo by Gurvinder Singh)

Better awareness improves maternal and child health

Awareness meetings that equip women with knowledge on health and nutrition during pregnancy and after childbirth is helping to tackle malnutrition in rural Singhbhum in Jharkhand

September 6, 2019
Jeerabai Bhunjia’s mother-in-law holds her grandchild to perform a ritual. Tribal customs is one of the reasons for women returning home immediately after delivery (Photo by Rakhi Ghosh)

Bhunjia women need better care after childbirth

Women of Odisha’s forest-dwelling tribes face a greater health risk because of their preference for childbirth at home. Counseling by health workers is now slowly helping new mothers get better postnatal care

September 4, 2019
Rural health workers are typically overburdened and have to work in trying conditions (Photo by Piyal Adhikary)

Missing foot soldiers in the war on poverty

Unless the government improves the anemic delivery structure of rural health and education, the neglected and overworked frontline workers will not be able to fight underdevelopment adequately

August 28, 2019
Community bathing spaces near sources of water help rural women bathe in privacy at their convenience using clean water (Photo by Vaishnavi Pawar)

Community bathrooms help women bathe in privacy

For most women in Bengal’s villages, a bath is a hurried dip in ponds while fully clothed to avoid the unwelcome male gaze. Community bathrooms enable them bathe in private and maintain better hygiene

August 19, 2019
Women in rural Jharkhand have started using iron woks in large numbers (Photo by PHRN)

Cooking in iron kadhais combats anemia in Jharkhand

A women's collective movement of cooking in iron kadhais (woks) that helps in reducing the incidence of anemia in rural women is gathering pace in many parts of Jharkhand

August 5, 2019
Kirodha Das shows the coal washery water from the Talcher industrial hub laced with pollutants entering the villages and farmlands (Photo by Manish Kumar)

Talcher villages suffer from industrial waste

With coal industries and washeries polluting land and water, and adversely affecting health, people around Talcher’s industrial hub hope for better administrative support in effluent management

August 2, 2019
Tribal women packing millet biscuits for children of government schools at the community owned Neelamma Thalli bakery (Photo by C. Shambu Prasad)

Collective enterprise fights malnutrition with millets

A collective enterprise in coastal Andhra Pradesh is contributing towards better nutrition of women and children in tribal areas by producing millet biscuits, while also providing stable rural livelihoods

July 22, 2019
A young tribal woman waits with her newborn to receive the incentive given by the government to encourage institutional delivery (Photo by Rakhi Ghosh)

Why Dongria Kondh women prefer childbirth at home

Lack of easy access to government healthcare in Kalyansinghpur, in addition to cultural and dietary differences in hospitals, is forcing Dongria Kondh women in remote villages to opt out of institutional delivery

July 17, 2019
A community-based public-private initiative that caters to the needs of senior citizens, has improved the physical and mental health of elderly people such as Laxmibai Naitam (Photo by Abhijeet Jadhav)

Community-based care improves lives of rural elderly

A collaborative initiative in Maharashtra boosts the physical and mental well-being of senior citizens living in rural areas, while also providing a platform for interaction and improving positivity