April 8, 2019
The soap-making unit of the Khadi and Gramodyog Sahakari Uttpadak Sangha in Hudali is known for its nominally priced Kutir soap made of anti-bacterial neem oil (Photo by Amoolya Rajappa)

Hudali keeps khadi cooperative flag flying

The first khadi unit to be established in southern India at Hudali in Karnataka continues as a successful rural artisanal cooperative, supplying a variety of products to industries and urban consumers

April 5, 2019
Most smallholder and marginal farmers in Bihar cannot afford the additional cost of irrigating their fields (Photo by Santosh Singh)

Declining rainfall places farming at risk in Bihar

The economy of Bihar is in jeopardy as the number of no rainfall days due to climate change is showing an increasing trend in a state that depends heavily on rain-fed agriculture

April 3, 2019
Street plays help the farmers articulate their problems and learn innovative farming practices easily (Photo by Rakhee Roytalukdar)

Vagad farmers stage progress marches

Tribal farmers of the Vagad region have been marching through villages to find local solutions to farming and community problems through participation and discussion

March 29, 2019
Families in Rampura face homelessness (Photo by Maithreyi Kamalanathan)

Villagers face eviction near Panna forest reserve

The residents of Rampura, a small village in the buffer zone of the Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, have been asked to move. But, they say, with no allocation of alternative land, they have nowhere to go

March 27, 2019
The government’s income support to small farmers may not be sustainable in the long run (Photo by Jeevan Singla)

Is farmer income support a sustainable solution?

Income support to smallholder farmers is similar to palliative measures like minimum support prices or loan waivers that do not address the problem of an unsustainable population living on a fixed resource base

March 25, 2019
Farmers in Bhuturgaon face difficulties in utilizing surface water and increasing farm income due to lack of irrigation facilities (Photo by VAF)

Irrigation key to fighting poverty in Kandhamal

Groundwater recharge in Kandhamal’s undulating terrain and pumps to lift water are needed to break the nexus between lack of irrigation and poverty in this seriously underdeveloped area of Odisha

March 20, 2019
Women such as Mallika gave up farm labor work to turn entrepreneurs to revive traditional knowledge and regular use of herbs (Photo by Balasubramaniam N.)

Tamil women bank on herbs to boost income

Women in rural Villupuram have quit working as farm labor and have become herbal entrepreneurs to conserve traditional knowledge, revive use of healthy herbs and boost household incomes

March 8, 2019
The elderly in villages, like Sakharam Dhendle and Pandurang Dhendle in Ghasir, have severe mobility restrictions and spend substantial amounts on medicine (Photo by Abhijeet Jadhav)

Healthcare of elderly suffers with youth migration

With little livelihood opportunities in villages, the youth in rural Maharashtra migrate to cities, leading to delayed healthcare of elderly dependents and increased medical expenses

March 6, 2019
Practiced for personal use, Kashidakari embroidery of Rajasthan has evolved as an important element in contemporary fashion and furnishings (Photo by Tripta Sharma)

Kashidakari women look to grow embroidery earnings

Women in Jodhasar, who have begun embroidering for a living by putting traditional skills they used for embellishing personal clothing to good use, need better market linkages to boost incomes

March 4, 2019
Villagers in Murshidabad prefer girls as they can start rolling beedis at a very young age, adding to the family income (Photo by Gurvinder Singh)

Beedi rolling robs Murshidabad girls of their childhood

Young girls in rural Murshidabad are pushed by their parents to roll beedis, the poor man’s cigarette, at the cost of their schooling because being able to earn improves their marriage prospects