November 6, 2019
Sheep spread out on a barren stretch that was once a field of cumin (Photo by Namita Waikar)

Kachchh pastoralists struggle as grasslands shrink in Gujarat

Pastoralists from Kachchh walk great distances in search of grazing lands for their sheep in Gujarat, even as pastures disappear or become inaccessible, and climate patterns get ever more erratic

November 4, 2019

Sinnar farmers switch to multi-cropping for resilient earnings

Growing a variety of crops in different portions of a field, farmers in Nashik district have improved soil health and productivity, reduced diseases and seed-to-sale time, and boosted revenue

November 1, 2019

Himachal apples give way to pomegranates

Changes in climatic conditions have led to Himachal farmers growing pomegranates, as many find that apple cultivation, other than high-density varieties, is no longer economically viable

October 30, 2019

Can handlooms provide a viable rural livelihood?

There are reasons not to give up entirely on the rural handloom sector, and we can learn from northeast India on how artisanal weaving can still be an attractive livelihood option

October 25, 2019

Clams provide lucrative livelihood to coastal women

With increasing popularity of clam meat, an abundant resource in coastal Kozhikode, units processing these mollusks enable women to make a sustainable living without leaving their village

October 18, 2019

Restored wastelands would improve livestock economy

Degraded wastelands have led to a fodder shortage in underdeveloped Barwani district. Involving communities to restore the wastelands will enable them to rear more livestock, thus improving incomes

October 14, 2019
Women in Maligaon carrying out maintenance work at the village’s solar panels. Four such groups have been created to take care of the regular maintenance and upkeep of the powerhouse (Photograph by Ashutosh Bhat)

Chemistry Nobel Prize has a rural Odisha connection

People of Maligaon village in Odisha are for the first time using lithium ferro-phosphate batteries invented by Nobel laureate John Goodenough to store power from their solar mini-grid

October 11, 2019
In Tharuvaikulam village, middle-aged men like Anthony Duraiswamy and Anthoniyar Pitchai switched from palmyrah-based livelihood to sustainable fishing (Photo by Jency Samuel)

Palmyrah tappers move from climbing trees to casting nets

After a drought and a ban on toddy tapping, palmyrah climbers of a coastal village have taken to the sea, practicing sustainable fishing to conserve marine life and earn a livelihood

October 9, 2019

Shyok Valley farmers lack access to market

Despite growing apricots and apples, farmers in Shyok Valley in northern Ladakh are unable to turn a profit because lack of connectivity makes it difficult to sell their produce

October 4, 2019

Rural BPO centers in Bihar open new doors for girls

Business process outsourcing companies in rural Bihar are providing local job opportunities for educated, computer-literate girls in their village, empowering them socially and financially