August 3, 2018

Let’s align rural aspirations with rest of India

There is an immediate need to design and implement grassroots interventions in a way that ensures next-generation rural youth in India are able to have the same opportunities as the urban privileged

August 1, 2018

Women farmers deploy ducks to supercharge rice cultivation

Women farmers in Dinajpur are reviving traditional organic farming and using backyard concoctions to tackle farm pests. They are also using innovative methods such as integrating duck rearing with rice cultivation

July 27, 2018

Kapdaganda shawls of Dongria Kondhs in need of revival

Efforts are required to preserve kapdaganda shawls that embody the rich heritage of Dongria Kondh tribes of Niyamgiri. The weaving of kapdaganda could also provide a livelihood for the disadvantaged community

July 23, 2018
Anita Rai, a resident of Talkharka village, says the new stoves are more efficient (Photo by Nidhi Jamwal)

Improved stoves boon for women in rural Sikkim

Smokeless cook stoves in Talkharka village near India-Bhutan border have improved the lives of village women by tackling noxious indoor air pollution, reducing firewood consumption and providing livelihoods

July 20, 2018
Umblachery, a native cattle breed reared by organic farmer Sethuraman, is ideal as a draught animal for the marshy rice fields of the Cauvery delta (Photo by Jency Samuel)

Native cattle breeds gain ground in Tamil Nadu

As global warming becomes increasingly evident across peninsular India, the conservation of indigenous cattle breeds that are hardy and better suited to withstand high temperatures has been gaining ground

July 18, 2018
Workers of the closed Nirpania tea garden are earning a pittance from their hard labor (Photo by Gurvinder Singh)

Workers of closed tea gardens struggle to make a living

Tribal people in and around the shuttered tea gardens of north Bengal are living on the edge of destitution and are being forced to a life of hard labor and exploitation by local contractors to stave off starvation

July 13, 2018
A brightly painted house wall in Jitwarpur village (Photo by Jigyasa Mishra)

Madhubani painters want better deal for their work

Despite global recognition, women painters of the Madhubani folk art form in Jitwarpur village have failed to escape the clutches of middlemen, who corner most of the profits. State initiatives could help stop the exploitation

July 11, 2018

Why do villagers often ignore obvious yet valuable things?

We need to figure out ways in which people in rural India are able to make reasoned and sustainable choices to lead their lives rather than flow with trends that are more expensive or patently unsuitable

July 9, 2018

Many farmers across India are returning to their roots

Traditional wisdom combined with modern methods of agro-ecology such as zero budget natural farming is helping Indian farmers in diverse parts of the country to adapt to changing weather patterns

July 6, 2018

Litchi growers of Muzaffarpur suffer from falling production

Fluctuating weather patterns have started impacting the famous litchi orchards of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, resulting in poor harvests and decreased sweetness of the fruit that is impacting the livelihoods of thousands of farmers