July 17, 2020

How Nivaje transformed into a model village

With SRI method to boost paddy yield, establishing cooperative dairy to improve livelihood, and installing biogas plants for energy needs, Nivaje has become a sustainable community

July 15, 2020

Returned migrants: Despair and coping

Distance to host city, commitment of employer and livelihood opportunity at native village help returned workers decide on post-lockdown migration. Till then they cope with available resources

July 13, 2020

Women contribute grains to support vulnerable families during lockdown

With no labor work during lockdown, many women in remote villages lacked essentials to feed their family. Fellow women helped them by building a food bank with contributions

July 10, 2020

Resourceful producer companies address farmers’ lockdown challenges

As members struggled to buy farm inputs and sell produce, their FPCs, with special permission, arranged for inputs and sold their produce directly to consumers

July 6, 2020

India Post delivers litchis in Bihar during lockdown

Postal department and horticulture directorate join hands to deliver litchi directly at consumers’ doorstep, helping farmers sell the fruits and get better price during lockdown

July 3, 2020

Making sal leaf plates lifts women out of poverty

With increased awareness about ecofriendly products, women in West Bengal make plates and bowls made of sal leaves, earning an increased and sustained income

July 1, 2020

MGNREGS curbs distress migration, provides employment during lockdown

With agriculture turning unsustainable, villagers migrated to nearby towns for work. Community planning leading to sanctioned MGNREGS works has ensured local livelihood and has stemmed migration

June 19, 2020

Women bring economic and environmental changes with leaf plates

By making biodegradable tableware from areca leaves that used to be burnt, rural women in Assam help minimize air and plastic pollution, while increasing their household income

June 17, 2020

Lacking access to bamboo, Basor artisans struggle for livelihood

Coordinated efforts are needed to make raw material available for the Basor community, to help sustain their traditional bamboo weaving skills and forest-based livelihood

June 15, 2020

Dongria Kondhs struggle to sell forest produce during lockdown

As the peak harvest season of minor forest produce coincides with the lockdown period, the tribes of Niyamgiri Hills struggle to sustain their forest-based livelihood