September 16, 2019
Harvesting rainwater in ponds and recharging groundwater counter the impact of salinity, helping farmers like Dhirubhai Dhudiya improve farm productivity (Photo by Tata Trusts)

Smart water management mitigates coastal salinity

Rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge through ponds and desilting of check dams have curtailed salinity ingress in coastal Gujarat, increasing freshwater availability

September 9, 2019
Cattle farmers like Sakthivel find ethno-veterinary medicine more economical and effective for their livestock in controlling diseases (Photo by Catherine Gilon)

Cattle farmers revive traditional herbal remedies

Farmers in Tamil Nadu are switching to traditional remedies for cattle because ethno-veterinary medicine made with locally available herbs are more effective in controlling diseases at minimal cost

September 2, 2019
Volunteers cleaning a bavkhal, or traditional water pond, in Bhuigaon village to recharge groundwater and raise the water table (Photo by Hiren Kumar Bose)

Vasai volunteers recharge ponds to raise water table

Volunteers in the villages of Vasai-Virar have revived traditional water ponds that were originally dug for irrigation. It has resulted in recharged aquifers and increased water availability for farming

August 23, 2019
The state government’s support to revive fine muslin cloth has helped many woman weavers in Nabadwip (Photo by Gurvinder Singh)

Bengal’s weavers revive muslin, spin success

The revival of muslin, a fine cotton cloth famous for centuries, has infused financial stability into the lives of traditional spinners and weavers of West Bengal who were struggling for survival earlier

August 16, 2019
People in the hilly Upputhode village still live in fear of another landslide (Photo by K. Rajendran)

Recurrent floods traumatize people in rural Kerala

Even as Kerala reels under yet another flood due to extreme rainfall, people in the tiny village of Upputhode in the Western Ghats are still traumatized from the loss they suffered in last year’s deluge

August 14, 2019
Many farmers are now growing traditional rice varieties as market linkages improve (Photo by Sahaja Samrudha)

Farmers across India revive folk rice varieties

Cultivation of traditional rice varieties is becoming popular in Chhattisgarh, after a campaign to popularize indigenous paddy strains spreads from Kerala to Himachal Pradesh to West Bengal

August 9, 2019
Rice nursery mats await transplantation at St Estevam Island, Goa, in 2019 (Photo by Pamela D’Mello)

Community farming in Goa stops land conversion

Many villagers in Goa have banded together to revive rice cultivation through collective mechanized sowing and transplanting. The success in several villages has now become a catalyst for others

August 2, 2019
Tribal women packing millet biscuits for children of government schools at the community owned Neelamma Thalli bakery (Photo by C. Shambu Prasad)

Collective enterprise fights malnutrition with millets

A collective enterprise in coastal Andhra Pradesh is contributing towards better nutrition of women and children in tribal areas by producing millet biscuits, while also providing stable rural livelihoods

July 29, 2019
With the climatic conditions suited for date palms, farmers like Rajendra Deshmukh (right) have started growing dates from Kutch in Maharashtra’s Solapur (Photo by Hiren Kumar Bose)

Date palms make profitable entrance in Solapur

With climatic conditions similar to that of date-growing Kutch, Solapur farmers have started cultivating date palms, finding the extended growth period worth the wait financially

July 26, 2019
Kodo millet stored by a farmer in Khamri in Panna, where most of the tribes have stopped millet cultivation (Photo by Saurav Vema)

Traditional millet cultivation by Gonds needs revival

The Gond tribes, custodians of agro-biodiversity in central India, have traditionally grown millets that are suited to local climate and terrain. The dying practice needs revival and encouragement