About Us

As we celebrate 25 years of rapid growth, there is a need to turn the spotlight on the aspirations, struggles and success of the people in rural India who are often neglected in the national discourse on ways to take our country forward. Transforming rural India by strategic interventions of the ground can only be sustained or expanded if there is a wider societal involvement. Currently there is clear informational gap among the youth, influencers and policymakers on issues that are important to people in the villages.

Village Square is an integrated communications initiative that seeks to fill this void by informing, analysing, engaging and promoting rural India among a wider audience. There is a need for a unified public service platform for independent and balanced news, views and data analyses on rural India. We believe there is need to engage with the youth — the millennials and the digital natives — on these issues.

Village Square will focus on impact of national and local policies on rural communities through detailed analyses by top development experts. It will identify and showcase stories of change led by communities, civil society and market players. It will do so by simple themes such as livelihoods, health, education, governance, gender issues and water. Village Square will maintain a sustained focus on the challenges and drivers of successful efforts in the stranded part of rural India.