October 16, 2020

Women grassroots health workers take to cycling for better reach

Accredited social health activists, who were dependent on the men in their family to commute or walked many miles every day, have become punctual and efficient after learning to cycle

October 9, 2020

Online classes spell end of education for rural girls

With boys getting preference to use the single multimedia phone at home, girls from poor rural households have discontinued studies, resigning themselves to an early marriage

October 5, 2020

Treatment and awareness help women overcome anemia

Extensive testing, treating the affected, and awareness about food habits to change malnutrition status have brought down the prevalence of anemia and improved the health of women

September 30, 2020
Coming together as a collective helps rural women bring about changes at the personal as well as at the community level (Photo by Bipin Sahoo)

How village organizations effect change in rural India

Coming together as a collective helps women shed their inhibitions and realize their potential by working towards personal growth and amplify their voices in confronting disparities

July 22, 2020

Women ensure regular access to drinking water

With the dug well drying up in summer, women who lost time in fetching water and hence wage work, got a bore well drilled to fulfill their water needs

June 29, 2020

Village Organizations pave way for women’s empowerment

Women who came together for better livelihood, have become socially empowered that they use their collective power to resolve community issues and ensure gender justice

May 29, 2020

Adolescent girls progress towards complete empowerment

Repressive norms pushed adolescent girls to poor health and early marriage. Bringing them together into groups has helped them improve their health, stop child marriage and learn vocational skills

May 27, 2020

Women use mobile phones to maintain land records

Over half a million women, trained to access and maintain their land records through mobile phones, have learned to complete documentation, so that they are registered as owners

April 3, 2020

Women dairy farmers ensure safe delivery of milk during lockdown

Adopting safety measures during coronavirus scare, women dairy farmers ensure supply of milk to consumers, while protecting the livelihood and economic interests of its member farmers

March 25, 2020

Women paralegals help settle disputes at community level

Members of self-help groups, trained in legal aspects, ensure that villagers, especially women, get their entitled rights without resorting to money and time-consuming legal route