September 8, 2021

Girls quit labor work to teach each other

Girls were forced to work in brick kilns and farms during lockdown. Educated youth have helped them quit so they can learn, and teach younger ones

July 12, 2021

Supplementary teaching helps students’ overall development

The activity-based program, aimed at age-appropriate learning of students in government schools, has also improved their academic performance, besides ensuring comprehensive progress

January 20, 2021

Residential school empowers tribal children through education

For tribes lacking access to education, a residential school functioning in Bhubaneswar exclusively for tribal children, offers education, and equips them with life and career skills

January 18, 2021

Villagers build secondary school to educate their children

Residents of Chuikhim built a secondary school, to ensure better prospects for their children. Sans funds, local youth run the school, hopeful of government aid and recognition

November 9, 2020

Mentoring helps tribal youth choose new careers

Career counseling and training help tribal youth develop skills and choose new vocations, resulting in social upliftment, women’s empowerment and changes in societal norms

October 30, 2020

Teachers turn rural house fronts into classrooms

Teachers of a government school in a Jharkhand village have turned exterior walls of mud houses into blackboards and raised platforms into seats, to ensure students continue their education

October 9, 2020

Online classes spell end of education for rural girls

With boys getting preference to use the single multimedia phone at home, girls from poor rural households have discontinued studies, resigning themselves to an early marriage

September 11, 2020

Families learn to navigate lockdown together

Setting aside livelihood concerns, rural parents learn to engage with their children and keep them occupied productively with local resources, to ensure the children’s emotional well-being

August 31, 2020

Women get a second chance to complete education

Girls who had dropped out because of lack of access to schools and early marriage have enrolled in a program, so as to complete education

August 7, 2020

Children learn through innovative videos during lockdown

Coordinated efforts of teachers, volunteers and parents, who receive custom-designed video content on mobile phones, help children of primary classes in remote villages stay connected to their lessons