August 30, 2021

Community ensures sustenance of vital ancient ponds

By ensuring regular maintenance and by preventing encroachment, villagers who consider their water bodies as sacred, protect centuries-old life-sustaining ponds

August 16, 2021

Lockdown initiative links villagers to social welfare benefits

Mission Gaurav, an initiative to support rural households during the lockdown, makes villagers aware of various government welfare schemes and helps them access the entitlements

August 4, 2021

Rural job guarantee program sequesters tons of carbon

MGNREGS, the anti-poverty scheme has ensured food security to millions, especially during the pandemic. The natural asset created through the scheme helps in carbon capture

July 26, 2021

Women volunteers allay vaccine fears in Jharkhand

Acting as a bridge between communities and public health services, setu didis addressed the concerns of villagers and convinced them to get vaccinated

July 5, 2021

How can rural India prepare for a third wave

Experience from Jharkhand proves that synergic effort involving local administration, community collectives and civil society organizations can help villages face COVID-19 third wave

June 30, 2021

Decentralization to localization: Collectives and local development

Community collectives working alongside local administration have reversed pandemic situation and ensured livelihood support. With concomitant procedural measures, the synergy can continue beyond the pandemic

June 21, 2021

Decentralization to localization: the emerging community–PRI–government compact

As communities rose to fill the lacunae in rural public systems, it is time the potential of the social capital was recognized, and grassroots institutions strengthened for rural transformation

June 16, 2021

When hazards overlap – flood preparedness during pandemic

Planning and preparedness for floods during the pandemic should be tailor-made for regions, as the impact would be different across flood typologies

June 14, 2021

Mandatory registering on Co-WIN hampers universal vaccination

Erratic mobile connectivity, digital illiteracy and lack of devices to access the portal have made inclusivity in vaccination impossible in remote villages of Odisha

June 9, 2021

Bihar floods and COVID-19 – Is there a connection?

As available data point to a probable connection between floods and a higher incidence of positive coronavirus cases, the overlap needs to be considered in planning for 2021 monsoon