April 16, 2021

Community ensures forest protection and sustainable management

Van panchayats, which are local forest management institutions with elected representatives, ensure protection of forests by reviving and conserving water sources and by adopting fire prevention measures

April 14, 2021

Where are the women in water governance?

Women contribute equally to livelihood activities involving water. Yet they are absent in the decision-making processes, since only domestic water management is seen as their responsibility

April 12, 2021

Self-help groups effect social change in villages

Freeing themselves from the restraints of veils, rural women have become empowered to make financial contributions to the household and raise their voice for village needs

April 7, 2021

Community prevents pollution, keeps lake clean

By taking all possible preventive measures, community ensures Tsogmo Lake, a popular tourist destination in Sikkim with rich biodiversity, remains tidy and pollution free

March 22, 2021

Administrators hope to appease relocated tribes of Simlipal

With International Forest Day, observed on 21 March, and news of forest fires in Simlipal, the biosphere's administrators hope to change mindset of relocated forest dwellers with education and employment

March 19, 2021

Community involvement improves waste management

With awareness lacking in rural areas, waste management is an issue, especially in tourist attractions. A multi-stakeholder model, with the community at the helm shows the way

March 12, 2021
Revenue from the toll has helped the waterfall development committee to use the money on developing the village and helping the needy (Photo by KWDC)

Visitor toll helps tribes develop their villages

District administration permits tribes to collect toll from tourists visiting Kataki waterfall. With the revenue, the toll committee upgrades the village and waterfalls, besides helping the needy

February 3, 2021

Empowered rural women demonstrate leadership skills

Providing an enabling environment transforms and empowers rural women. Building on their abilities, the women realize their potential to lead and become change makers

January 25, 2021

How rural India showed resilience, synergy during lockdown

Republic Day is an ideal occasion to celebrate rural India’s positive progress. VillageSquare recollects how communities used the lockdown productively, despite difficulties and loss of livelihoods.

January 6, 2021

Cash crop cotton loses lustre for Ganjam farmers

Lack of transportation and marketing facilities and exploitation by private money lenders have forced cotton growers to cultivate other crops despite cotton’s potential for good returns