November 17, 2017
Traditional wooden dolls adorn a shelf in Channapatna. (Photo by Chithra Ajith)

Toy makers adapt to markets, add color to fading industry

Moving beyond toys, artisans in a Karnataka village make curios, and use new toy making and marketing methods to overcome challenges posed by cheap Chinese imports and restore the glory of Channapatna’s non-toxic wooden toys

November 15, 2017
In a roadside ghetto, Akila Bibi and others after a day’s hard work, separating white paper shreds from the colored ones for recycling. Earning Rs 3 a kg, they manage 30 kg to 50 kg a day. (Photo by Manipadma Jena)

How distressed rural migrants shelter in cities

Flood and drought often drive the rural poor to cities. Those who are landless often stay on. Risking lives under the open sky, they hope a city’s many work opportunities will help them survive somehow

November 8, 2017
Goat herds in Rajasthan. (Photo by AusAID)

Broadening domains for micro-enterprises in rural India

The promotion of micro-enterprises in villages to meet the large demand for livelihoods would benefit from out-of-the-box ideas that move beyond hackneyed activities like making papads and pickles

November 6, 2017
A woman uses jata, a traditional grinding stone, to make sattu. (Photo by Mohd Imran Khan)

Revival of traditional sattu helps village women make a living

Women in rural Nalanda are popularizing the use of a traditional grinding stone to pound flour out of roasted gram, providing a healthier alternative to machine-ground sattu and earning a livelihood for themselves

November 3, 2017

Farm entrepreneurs build path to prosperity in rural Jharkhand

Many farmers in Jharkhand have started taking progressive steps as rural entrepreneurs, offering a host of services to help local smallholders move beyond subsistence agriculture and towards increased incomes

November 1, 2017
Women in India’s villages have come a long way. (Photo by Pixabay)

Rural women’s collectives are all about empowerment

Self-help groups in villages bring financial and social empowerment to women, changing entrenched perceptions on their competence in managing their affairs

October 30, 2017
Fertilizer bags stacked in a warehouse in Andhra Pradesh. (Photo by Bikalp Chamola)

Technology-enabled sale streamlines fertilizer supply chain

Linking technology and Aadhaar unique identity numbers, the direct benefit transfer of fertilizer subsidy in Andhra Pradesh has helped in curbing malpractices and has benefited farmers by preventing leakages

October 25, 2017
What happens after cattle die? (Photo by J King)

Flayers and leather workers are victims of thick-skinned polity

Leather workers and people who deal with cattle carcasses remain an oppressed minority in villages across India, languishing at the bottom rung of rural society and ignored by governments at all levels

October 20, 2017
Women who remain on the island after the men migrate take shelter in a stilt house during floods. (Photo by Sayanti Sengupta)

Women-centric interventions needed for flood-ravaged Sundarbans islands

After men migrate for work, women of Mousuni Island in the Sundarbans in West Bengal have to struggle for survival, losing land to floods and erosion, and livelihoods to salinity ingress

October 16, 2017
Rajpurohit’s coconut farm in the desert state of Rajasthan is an inspiration to many prospective growers in the region. (Photo by Hiren Kumar Bose)

Farmers grow coconuts in deserts to improve livelihoods

Many farmers in India, the world’s top coconut producing country, have successfully introduced coconut farming in arid regions to meet growing demand and to boost earnings