April 27, 2018
Women are becoming frontline farmers in Saran, fighting financial and food security by growing vegetables. (Photo by Mohd Imran Khan)

Saran women banish poverty by cultivating vegetables

Switching from traditional rain-fed crops such as rice and wheat to growing vegetables through the year, women farmers of Saran district in Bihar have ensured financial and food security without any external assistance

April 25, 2018

Women feel the heat of climate change in rural Manipur

Women farmers in Manipur, who play a significant role in the state's agriculture, are struggling to grow crops in an increasingly hostile environment of north-east India

April 23, 2018
Palm climber Shanmugam slices the tip of the palm's inflorescence to tap palm nectar (Photo by Balasubramaniam N.)

Future looks up for palmyra tree climbers of Tamil Nadu

Increasing awareness on the goodness of palm products and sustainable living associated with it has brought hope to Tamil Nadu’s palm climbers, despite dwindling numbers of the state tree

April 20, 2018
To enhance yield through root intensification, PRAN has introduced sustainable agricultural practices that farmers can implement easily. (Photo by PRAN)

Strengthening grassroots in Gaya for self-sustenance

By popularizing the system of root intensification and introducing sustainable agricultural practices, Anil Verma has brought a positive change in the lives of marginalized farmers in Gaya

April 18, 2018
Mangalajodi fishermen find it difficult to sustain their families with the meager income they get from fishing in Chilika. (Photo by Rakhi Ghosh)

Declining catch forces Chilika fishers to become migrant laborers

A significant fall in fish stock due to environmental and human made reasons, combined with stringent laws aimed at restoration of the Chilika Lake, has forced local fishermen to migrate seasonally in search of work

April 16, 2018
Number of boat makers in Balagarh has come down with decline in demand for wooden boats. (Photo by Gurvinder Singh)

Boatwrights of Balagarh hope that the tide will turn

A move to replace 15,000 mechanized boats in West Bengal’s waterways and a floating market in Kolkata have brought hope to the wooden boat makers of Hooghly, who have been languishing for want of steady demand

April 9, 2018
Chitrakoot’s traditional wooden toys slowly lose sheen due to lack of market demand. (Photo by Jigyasa Mishra)

Toymakers of Chitrakoot struggle with declining demand

Cultural changes and urbanization have led to a shrinking market for Chitrakoot’s wooden toys and a decline in the number of traditional toymakers, yet a few carry on, hoping for the best about the craft’s future

April 6, 2018
Streamlining Eri silk weaving has helped women weavers earn a livelihood using their traditional skills. (Photo by Grameen Sahara)

Kamrup women lead Eri silk revival for improved livelihoods

Linking markets with traditional Eri silk weavers in many parts of Assam, non-profit organization Grameen Sahara has enabled thousands of village women to boost their household incomes

April 4, 2018
Betel leaf farmer Krishnan of Tirur continues to cultivate it in spite of falling exports. (Photo by K. Rajendran)

Why farmers in this Kerala village pray for peace with Pakistan

Having seen fluctuations in the export of betel leaf to Pakistan over the years, Malappuram betel farmers in northern Kerala remain hopeful of overcoming the present impasse and resuming a profitable trade

March 28, 2018
The use of harvester-cum-thresher machines has led to stubble burning in farms, which has worsened the problem of air pollution in India. (Photo by Vivian Fernandes)

How to develop divisible technology for the rural poor

There is a need to develop easily divisible technologies that do not need heavy investment, after taking into consideration social customs and cultural practices of rural users