January 6, 2021

Cash crop cotton loses lustre for Ganjam farmers

Lack of transportation and marketing facilities and exploitation by private money lenders have forced cotton growers to cultivate other crops despite cotton’s potential for good returns

December 30, 2020

Dairy cooperative leads to empowerment of women

Women who were confined to their homes became dairy farmers as SHG members, subsequently forming a self-reliant cooperative. It has resulted in empowering them socially and financially

December 28, 2020

Odisha fares poorly in women’s safety, despite government efforts

Statistics reveal rampant gender-based violence and inequality in Odisha. A concerted multi-stakeholder effort is needed to bring about change, as government initiatives are slow in bearing results

December 18, 2020

Tribes hope to revive degenerated agriculture through development plan

Development eluded two remote Irula tribal villages in Western Ghats. Through Tribal Sub-Plan being implemented, they hope to revive agriculture that once kept them self-sufficient

December 14, 2020

Kadar tribes face repeated displacement for hydel power projects

For more than a century, Kerala’s forest-dwelling tribes have been repeatedly evicted for power projects. Faced with another displacement, the tribes refuse to give up their rights

October 5, 2020

Treatment and awareness help women overcome anemia

Extensive testing, treating the affected, and awareness about food habits to change malnutrition status have brought down the prevalence of anemia and improved the health of women

October 1, 2020

How to ensure better well-being of India’s elderly

On this International Elders’ Day, success of an intervention offering social bonding, and health cards providing the elderly easy access to health care, point the way for effective elder care

September 30, 2020
Coming together as a collective helps rural women bring about changes at the personal as well as at the community level (Photo by Bipin Sahoo)

How village organizations effect change in rural India

Coming together as a collective helps women shed their inhibitions and realize their potential by working towards personal growth and amplify their voices in confronting disparities

September 28, 2020

Woman panchayat chief on course to transform village

From efficient COVID-19 preparedness and relief measures to advocating girls’ education and converting a dumping ground into a park, Kanku Ben Amritlal offers hope in rural development