July 1, 2019
Madur artisans, most of whom are women, use a loom or a bamboo frame to weave the mats (Photo by Gurvinder Singh)

Weavers breathe fresh life into Bengal’s madur mats

Madur, the traditional woven reed mats of Bengal that saw a decline in use in recent times, have been revived by artisanal weavers with support from social enterprises and the state government

June 26, 2019
Large herds of elephants destroy paddy crops in Assam every year before harvest (Photo by Mike Pence)

Pepper helps Rabhas to live with tuskers

The Rabha people in Assam have taken to cultivating pepper in their homesteads to discourage elephants from ravaging paddy fields, and to also earn a neat income in the bargain

June 24, 2019
The craft of Kuthampully weavers faces an uncertain future (Photo by Remya Padmadas)

Kuthampully weavers facing decline in Kerala

For centuries, they have created Kerala's classic off-white and gold sarees and veshtis. Now, low incomes, an ageing workforce, shifting demand and power looms are forcing changes in this traditional occupation

June 21, 2019
Fodder camps set up by the government and private organizations provide fodder and water and prevent distress sale of cattle by farmers (Photo by Varsha Torgalkar)

Fodder camps save cattle during Maharashtra drought

Providing fodder and water to cattle, government and private fodder camps in drought-affected Satara district in Maharashtra help farmers prevent distress sale of their livestock

June 19, 2019
Fishing in the Ansupa Lake (Photo by Basudev Mahapatra)

Local communities restore Ansupa Lake in Odisha

In a remarkable turnaround, local communities have rejuvenated the weed-infested Ansupa Lake in Odisha in the span of just six months, boosting fishing and income opportunities from tourism

June 14, 2019
Revival of their traditional embroidery has helped the Lambadi women augment their household income and prevent migration (Photo by Jency Samuel)

Revival of Lambadi embroidery stems migration

Failing monsoons forced Lambadi tribes in Sittilingi valley of Tamil Nadu to migrate, but a revival of traditional embroidery by women has enhanced household incomes and stemmed migration

June 10, 2019
Gautam Bera’s wife is happy with the tomato harvest. Although farm productivity has increased after land shaping, local farmers are now facing challenges in tackling pest infestation (Photo by Dhruba Das Gupta)

Land shaping benefits Sundarban farmers

A combination of reshaping land and harvesting rainwater has helped farmers in the Sundarbans to overcome soil salinity and increase farm incomes. They now need consistent technical support

June 7, 2019
With the native Thooyamalli paddy saplings ready for transplantation, Govindasamy believed everything was under control (Photo by Sathya Anbajagane)

How an organic experiment went wrong

The wilting of organic paddy in a coastal farm was misdiagnosed as due to soil salinity, but was actually a pest attack brought on by an overdose of organic insecticide and nitrogen-rich manure

June 3, 2019
With poultry waste providing cooking fuel and natural fertilizer, Wados village has a sustainable poultry farming practice (Photo by Hiren Kumar Bose)

Success eggs on Sindhudurg farmers

Demand for eggs and good market linkage have led to once-struggling farmers take up layer poultry, boosting income and earning Wados village a place in India’s egg production map

May 31, 2019
Landslides that resulted after the August 2018 deluge have left steep inclines near coffee grower Shanteyenda’s house, making restoration difficult (Photo by Amoolya Rajappa)

Kodagu coffee growers struggle after deluge

Coffee planters in Kodagu are still suffering from the effects of incessant rainfall and landslides of August 2018 that resulted in loss of topsoil, crops and yield. Growers are now seeking better reservoir management